This is a website created for the AEAT pension campaign which is a group aimed at getting redress for the loss of pension rights which occurred when AEA Technology went into pre-pack administration.

The websites main aim was to provide information to affected parties but I have gone above and beyond and implemented additional features such as:

  • A Newsletter Subscription Service where site administrators can compose and send emails to interested members
  • A Forum for sharing ideas and evidence with one another to build their case
  • Social Networking tools to help people share and reach all those affected

I know this is meta - but this website right here isn't displeasing to the eye, you must admit. Hopefully you will have noted the:

  • Carousel of screenshots you can browse through. Perfect for an online gallery, as a company header, or an advertisement reel
  • Collapsable content boxes if you click the blue site titles. This makes for an effective use of space and is rather flashy
  • Mobile resizing so your site can be seen neatly on a tablet or smart phone. 95% of the time it's as good as an android app.

At present, I work at the University of Manchester developing software for the myGrid team. One such site I am a developer for is the BioCatalogue website which is a web services repository.

I make lots of new features for the site and keep it running on its feet (which is no easy feat sometimes).

Some such features I've made recently are:

  • The search engine (using Solr Sunspot)
  • Tools for admins to export the database into a handy CSV (excel) format
  • Every tab you see (such as on each service page)

(Click the titles to find out more)

Niall Beard MEng


  • Project Manager
  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • Manchester Based

  • Contact Info: