Hi, my name is Niall and I am a Computer Scientists and part-time freelance Web Developer.

I’m very proficient in website development (check out my portfolio) and have a masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Manchester. I've been programming for 7 years now and my programming expertise lies mainly in Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework, though I've experience developing Android Apps and Drupal Content Management System sites before.

My current CV has everything you need to know about my expertise and work experience. The rest of my life consists mostly of running stupidly long distances, travelling, live music, and being in the pub.

I'm looking to build some stylish, innovative, and well engineered websites to build up my portfolio. I'm not looking to make a fortune; I'm just looking to make something I can be proud of.

If you've got an awesome idea for a website but can't get an off the shelf website to do exactly what you want and don't have the funds to hire a professional company to do it -- I may be just the software engineer that you need.

Please feel free to get into contact with me if you have any queries.

Stuck for ideas?

Here's a couple of suggestions of what I could make for you to get the ball rolling.

Web Apps
  • Company Website
  • Online art gallery
  • A Forum
  • Calculation Tools
  • Android Apps
  • Restaurant Site and Menu
  • Biography Site
  • Google Adverts
  • Login with Facebook
  • Analytics Tracking
  • Social Media Integration, such as:
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Reddit
    • Google+
  • Embedded YouTube videos
  • Geographical awareness

Niall Beard


  • Ruby on Rails Developer
  • MEng in CS from UofM
  • Manchester Based
  • Professional and Personal Websites that are:
    • High Quality
    • Quick to deploy
    • (Very) Affordable

  • Contact Info:
    • niallbeard@gmail.com
    • (+44)7590835608
    • niall.beard (skype)